Evernote: Organize Your Notes

Jan 9, 2012 by     No Comments    Posted under: reviews

Evernote is the best, free note taking application available for the iPad. It is free and cloud-based. This means all your notes (which can also include images) are auto-magically saved to “the cloud,” which are Evernote’s Internet servers. This means:

  1. You can access and search your notes anywhere you have an Internet connection
  2. Your notes automatically are backed-up online (good in case something happens to your iPad)
  3. You can also access your notes through the Evernote website or free desktop application

If you save lots of images to Evernote, you may fill up your free account space quota and need to upgrade. The free account is very generous for people saving text notes, however.

Evernote is a “must-have” app for business and personal productivity.

This “Evernote Tutorial” video from a 2010 graduate course at UConn provides a good overview of Evernote’s features and how to use them.

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