Narrate a SlideShow with ShowMe

Feb 22, 2012 by     No Comments    Posted under: videos

ShowMe is a free application for iPad which permits anyone to create narrated slideshow videos which can include telestrator (“John Madden”) style annotations. The following 7 minute video tutorial highlights the steps to follow to create a narrated slideshow with the ShowMe iPad app, using a photo gallery in Picasa (free from Google) as a virtual image scrapbook for project images. These 25 images are also shared separately in another blog post.

This video was created on an iPad using the $3 app “Explain Everything.” While the ShowMe App is great and its accompanying website permits users to publish an unlimited number of videos for free, Explain Everything does have some comparative advantages. Unlike the ShowMe app, Explain Everything:

  • Permits users to pre-load all the slides which will be used in a narrated slideshow, instead of having to load them sequentially during the recording process as ShowMe requires.
  • Supports photos imported from a Dropbox account.
  • Permits project publishing directly to YouTube.

That said, ShowMe is still a great application and it’s free. A variety of other “whiteboard” or “narrated slideshow” iPad apps are available in addition to these, including DoodleCast ($2), ReplayNote ($5) and ScreenChomp (free).

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